Sport fans, Seduction with visual lust demons, Birth Control and Lies…once again….all wide paths leading to hell. Where is the consecration to Jesus as Lord of your life? To what are you attracted?Who is REALLY in control of your decisions and choices?

Posted: November 10, 2018 in Be humble and repent and not stubborn with an unrepentant hardened heart. That is an abomination, Choosing righteousness over worldliness is a CHOICE!, Uncategorized


(Notice that those trying to maintain a walk of purity with the Lord are marked by demons for take-over and destruction. BE ON YOUR GUARD EVERYONE. Discern what is holy, good and pure worship and what is demon infiltration. Stay on God’s side. Do not give your money and adoration to sports. I have news for you. Those teams do not know who you are or if you are in the crowd cheering for them. You have been duped of your time, treasure and holiness — which you were instructed in the Bible as  belonging solely to the Lord God and his son, Jesus. DO NOT GRIEVE HOLY SPIRIT OR HAVE YOUR NAME WRITTEN IN BLOOD in satan’s book of death. Repent of all sin. I heard Holy Spirit tell me audibly: “Choose holiness over worldliness, simplify and get out of debt.” Now I hold up all choice possibilities to these 3 simple commands to help avoid being duped by the minions of hell which are out in force.) The path to the kingdom of darkness is BY FAR WIDER than almost everyone on earth realizes. We are living in times where even the remembrance of what holiness looks like is fading quickly. Since most have jumped on the “modern” wagon of convenience with birth control, sex as soon as you are attracted to someone way, way before marriage is even contemplated, divorce and sleeping with new partners (which is defined as adultery Biblically since you are forsaking your holy vow of matrimony), it is difficult to tell people they are sinning against God’s holiness requirements. REMEMBER: GOD CHANGES NOT. HIS COMMANDS ARE ETERNAL. HE DOES NOT GIVE YOU “A PASS” WHEN YOU KNOWINGLY CHOOSE SIN AND DO NOT REPENT OF IT BEFORE DEATH COMES FOR YOU, AS IT EVENTUALLY DOES FOR US ALL.

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