Enter through the narrow gate. For WIDE IS THE GATE and BROAD IS THE ROAD to DESTRUCTION, and MANY ENTER through it. (Matt. 7:13) If God has been gracious enough to grant mortal humans visits to satan’s dark kingdom, the LEAST we can do is investigate those snares and traps set for humankind and WARN everyone while the chance for repentance remains. Right?

Posted: November 10, 2018 in Be humble and repent and not stubborn with an unrepentant hardened heart. That is an abomination, Hell and Heaven are both real places, Uncategorized



My note: We now as “modern” humans have such a difficult time believing that God does not approve of clothing like skin-tight jeans to show off our buttocks and legs, or bikinis worn to show off our near-naked images at beaches and pools.  Here in America, nearly every female (even babies) have been pierced. They wear jewelry through their ears and then tattoo images on skin when they reach adulthood. All claiming a right to put a personal mark on themselves. But God says your body is to be His temple — holy and not pierced (tattoos use piercing needles) like the heathen, or unchurched unbelieving masses.But that’s Old Testament you say. Well, God’s standards of holiness are unchanged. Being saved does not give you carte blanche to take on every worldly practice you can. Think: Am I pleasing the Lord with this decision/action, or am I possibly grieving Holy Spirit. Why take the chance if the act is questionable? I just this month removed my pierced earrings for this reason. My ears were pierced by my then best friend on the eve of my wedding in 1985 with a needle in preparation for the grand event. What happened was then infection on the honeymoon. I never really thought about pierced jewelry being like a slave collar to satan until I realized nowhere in God’s Holy scripture does it tell us to pierce ourselves to make ourselves more lovely and pleasing to God. This is when I realized the trap that has been laid for countless millions and billions of us modern ladies….same with ungodly vanity enhancements which have made cosmetic and perfume companies rich.

Remember: the eyes of God search the world for those who show holiness — not those building their own bodies, kingdoms or lusts. Also, just because a person is considered famous here on earth, does not mean they have earned a place in God’s eternal kingdom. We all leave this planet the same way — naked and dead. Our souls do not “catch a break” because we ruled countries, had legions of fans or amassed the wealth of kings.

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