The following words regarding who eternally owns the promised land of Israel — land deed given by God, himself, could not be any plainer. A clear warning to NOT be the administration or world body who arrogantly steps in and tries to divide Israel: “My land will not be divided by you.” – Godshealer7

Posted: November 13, 2018 in Israel is God's Timepiece: Keep Your Eyes on Those that Bless or Curse Her!

November 12, 2018

Daughter speak these words. Your King has not been given power or authority by me King of Kings to take the land I gave to my chosen and divide it. Israel Israel , Jerusalem Jerusalem . The land I gave your father’s is YOURS. You are a stumbling block. King of Babylon hear my words. You have not come before me . You do not honor me. You have not learned the lessons of past. A house divided can not stand. My house will not be divided by you. My land will not be divided by you. I will divide your nation and your house. I will divide your people. My anger is kindled against you. Proud and arrogant. My breath is Fire . My hands hold lightening . My feet break the earth into pieces with each step as I approach. BABYLON your APPOINTED King will seal your destruction. BABYLON your land will quake and sink. Chaos and war is coming to you because you will NOT REPENT. Only the Remnant will be spared.

Source: “My land will not be divided by you” – Godshealer7

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