My Daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My Children, many wish to rush and run ahead, instead of growing in me and receiving all that I have for them this day. They spend their time trying to reveal and unravel secrets that will really lead them nowhere. They place pieces of the puzzle where they do not belong. While I love their enthusiasm, when it comes to unraveling My ways, they are toiling away and seeing things that are not there. They would be better served seeking Me and resting in My finished work, relying on Me to show them, instead of running ahead and coming to their own conclusions. For those that diligently seek Me will find rewards, but those that seek to solve a mystery that cannot be solved will come up empty. I do want My children to seek My puzzle pieces, yes, but many aren’t working to build My puzzle. They are simply making up their own. My plan will unfold in such a way that no man will grasp. There are many things that will occur that will shock and surprise many.

The most important thing right now is having your heart right with Me, trusting Me, and residing in My peace that passes your own understanding. Go into your secret place with Me. I will reveal much to you. Some of which I will have you share with others, and other things that are meant to remain between Us and will be revealed later. Growing in peace and trust is so important for all of My children. My timing should become less important, and our relationship should come to the forefront. Find peace and satisfaction in trusting that however things unfold, My will and My perfect plan is sovereign. Your quest should be to remain in My will for you daily. When you run ahead, I assure you, you do not reside in My will.

With all that is occurring and is to come, it is so important now to remain faithful, with your heart focused on Me and being satisfied simply trusting without really knowing. I will fill your hearts with peace and joy, no matter what the external circumstances, when you are seeking Me. Trusting in Me comes by losing trust in yourself and losing trust in this world. The longer you hold onto those things that tie you to the flesh, the longer My peace will evade you. Trust in only Me now, My loves, for this alone allows My light to shine through you, penetrating the darkness and the evil plotted by the enemy. Be aware of everyone you meet, everyone. The smallest acts of kindness can plant My seed. My light is increasing as the darkness increases. Many more hearts will find Me in this time and your actions will facilitate this. No soul is so lost that it cannot be found as you shine My light. You will lead many to Me, My loves. Behave with kindness and mercy to the weak-minded among you, and they will be forced to wonder how, why, and where does this loving kindness come from? Be shockingly kind in all your ways. Be My vessels of kindness and love all that you meet. The peace you receive from Me will resonate with many and you will actually be able to see this manifest in some firsthand. For My hand shall be resting upon you as you extend Me out to others, My reflection clearly seen upon you. These things come not from your own power but by My power transferred through you. Be My vessels of love and peace now, My children. Put on My armor daily so that the arrows of the enemy cannot dampen your brightness. My power through you is mighty, and when coming against this power, the enemy is no match. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Maschiach

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