Preparation and Separation, Christine @ FreshOilReleases, 5/28/2020

Posted: May 30, 2020 in Lion of Judah Arising...Remnant Be Ready!, Out to collect the harvest! Out to save the lost!!, Wilderness Exodus Leaning on Our Beloved Lord

“Shavuot is a time of profound change, change of station and location. Ask My bridal company if they have said their goodbyes to the old covering, if they have released all that pertains to the old chapter in their hearts. There is a reason Ruth went to Boaz at the threshing floor – this is the only place where the winnowing fan is in action. It is the place of separation from and separation unto. Tell my people to prepare their hearts. Great change is ahead, and this they understand only through a glass darkly. Great impartation is also coming for those who have properly prepared and positioned themselves. Just as Ruth received 6 measures of barley in her mantle, so too My doves shall receive a great flood of outpouring in the season of this feast of Shavuot. They must cleanse their mantles and come and position themselves at the Bridegroom’s feet, fragrant with pure worship from a cleansed and hungry heart and wait upon My timing. I will arise like a man wakened from sleep and commune with them. They will not be disappointed.”

Fresh Oil Releases


I was awake from 12:30am to 1:30am in the night between 27th and 28th May; (afterwards, I realized that this was the exact time of the night, the 3rd watch of the night, when Ruth and Boaz were having their secret intimate conversation at the threshing floor).

The background understanding for the word that follows is based on the following foundational information:

1) when a marriage took place in ancient Jewish culture, it was depicted by the spreading of the the wing or fringe of the garment by the bridegroom, enfolding the bride in his protection and provision from thenceforth.

2) Pentecost or Shavuot is the time of the wheat harvest in the Israeli agricultural calendar.

I suddenly realized (no doubt with the help of the Holy Spirit) that Ruth went to threshing floor of Boaz during the wheat harvest but, strangely, he was threshing barley. I asked the Lord…

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