“Run, Remnant, Run!” I heard these Words on waking early hours of this morning.

As I heard those Words, I saw a picture come up before me of the famous story of “Forrest Gump” where Forrest has his legs braced in iron calipers and he is seen starting run towards his home.

As he begins to RUN, his little, wee face starts to light up as he starts running faster and faster… with the wind in his hair… courage and bravery at his back, pushing and propelling him forward.

Suddenly the sound of cracking can be heard as the iron calipers begin to break off his little legs. All of sudden young Forrest is running faster, and faster, faster than he has ever run before.

Every obstacle of limitation is being removed, every chain of confinement is being broken and shattered.

The sound of LibertyFreedomPower, Strength and Victory is being made manifest.

RenewalRevivalRestoration and Reformation is now taking place!

I hear these Words, “Long enough have the legs of My Warrior Remnant been bound and shackled up by the iron calipers of demonic control, confusion, complacency, discouragement, double mindedness, doubt, despairing, fear, unbelief, and shame.

For this has produced a people of powerlessness, impotency and impurity in My Body.

Watch, for now the Winds of Change are blowing forth upon My Warrior Remnant and the legs that were bound will begin to Run! Run! Run towards a greater Kingdom Destiny.

It’s time to move!”

As I hear those Words, I see a mighty Whirlwind beginning to form in The Realm of The Spirit and I see a great Cloud of Witnesses above the mighty Whirlwind.

I hear these Words, like Thunder Claps over The Body of Christ in this hour, ”Arise! Arise! For it’s time to run! Its time to advance! Its time to Run, Remnant, Run!

For the Winds of the great Whirlwind of The Spirit and Power of Elijah is now Driving, Pushing, Propelling and Launching you fast forward.

Look and pay close attention! For a great Cloud of Witnesses are watching as The Warrior Remnant takes her place.

For the Season of Supernatural Springing Forth is now here!”

Source: Run, Remnant, Run! ~ by Veronika West

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