The Bride is birthing and remember that in this crowning of the head, the crowns that you wear as His bride are coming into light to be seen on the earth.

I pray this encourages you in reminding you who you are to God.

Awakening of Psalm 24

30 July 2019

As the Shulamite Bride was sung over by Solomon in the Song of Songs, Christ is singing over His Bride in this hour to awaken her from slumber and this new sound is bringing a response to the ears of those who have sought Deep unto Deep.

This is the generation that will reveal what a fully awakened Disciple and lover of Christ Jesus looks like and it shall be infectious!

The light shall shine and emanate from within these burning ones because the Ancient gates are opening.

The Ancient gates were set within God’s own, in the time of creation and these gates are marked and founded in and by Him, to be opened in the greatest awakening of earth’s history that is kairos (now time).

As I was painting this picture so desperately put on my heart, I left the room to get a drink and when I came back to ponder the next move, I saw the sun had moved onto it and fell exactly from where I had the open heavens and onto The Golden Key!

I knew instantly that this painting was as it should be, hallelujah.

This skeleton key is Access to all areas of The Kingdom of God. (Isaiah 22:22)

Can you feel the shaking that is dismantling the rust from these bolts that hold the gates shut?

Are you receiving a shaking within you as this great preparation is at hand?

For this shaking is to bring the manifestation of the fullness Of Christ abiding within, through intimacy and rest in Him yet, I know The Holy Spirit is revealing so many feel stuck and self condemning and confused right now, for these are the children who have sought and fought and yet right now, there’s such issue in abiding, distractions galore and you feel you’re taking the bait of the enemy but fear not, God knows and give it to him and keep pressing in until break through beloved!

Remember, the rest removes the rust!

Psalm 24 Isaiah 22:22

I call this piece ‘Awakening’ (See source for photo of painting)

As she stretches from her deepest and longest slumber, the bride begins to Arise, where above her head she holds the key, for she now knows who the ancient gates are!

She shakes herself and she declares the words of her betrothed “Oh ancient gates be lifted up for my love to come in”.

Her eyes are beginning to open and when they do, the bride shall gaze and the Bride shall say, “Oh for such a time as this, I am awakened to see clearly and this new sound I hear, I am moved by it and I am ready!”

Source: The Bride is Birthing ~ by Yvonne Coombs

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