The Calling of God in your life is not a walk in the park, it’s a Warfare Zone — but comes with many Victories because of The Grace which keeps multiplying.

It does not matter what you have gone through and what people say — Battles are making you, not breaking you!

With each Battle you are graduated to Higher Levels — you move from handling cockroaches, rats and ants to conquering over dragons, cobras and lions.

Look back now and see that those things that intimidated you and gave you sleepless nights before and stole your peace no longer do! You have had uncountable victories!

You are too strong to be brought down, too patient to quit in the middle and too mature that you understand that all things actually work out for your good especially the ones that made you weep in pain.

You are not defined by the situations you have faced but by the Battles you keep Winning!

You are such a Winner! Your Spiritual Uniform is being decorated with all these medals and badges of recognition for that reason!

You may look down upon yourself thinking how pressed down you are — but God is being glorified through your life season after season, because you are overcoming everything the enemy has sent against you that was meant to destroy you.

People around you may despise you and look down on you, because you are being built through Fire, but God is proud of how far you have come without giving up or cursing God.

You have served when you should have parked your bags into the cave of Elijah! God noted that too!

God sees you very differently from how men see you, and that’s why God will reward you.

Your endurance has attracted divine remembrance and reward.

God got you and is fighting your Battles!

Honor, Divine Helpers and unexpected Rewards are released to you. Watch God!


Source: Rewards for The Endurers! ~ by Esther Hadassah

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