Today, after reading McKana’s post “Until they do, they repent not, they will go to hellon 444prophecynews, I believe this is a confirmation for the words what I have heard twice during fast (no water no food) and pray for several days on March 24-27(2021) for those have taken the vaccines.

The following is what I have heard:

Those who voluntarily have taken it have been cut off from Me forever, unless they can repent before Me with their broken and contrite hearts.”

Last week, I prayed to the Lord for mercy for those unbelievers who have taken the vaccines, and asked if there is an chance to be saved for these people, what I heard is :

If they can sincerely repent before Me, I will give them a chance to be saved. ”

I don’t know if those people who have been vaccinated still have the same desire for God, or have the power to repent as they did before they were vaccinated.

But I believe, our God is omnipotent and searchs the heart, and He knows who is willing to sincerely repent before Him.

If He is willing, then he can certainly give the person enough grace and power to confess and repent, thus removing all the changes brought to the soul and the harms brought to the body by taking the vaccines.

Know that there is nothing impossible with the creator who created heavens, earth and seas and everything in them!

I sincerely hope that those who voluntarily  take the vaccines will still have a chance to confess and repent to be saved, otherwise it would be too pathetic, it’s an eternal punishment, please Lord, have mercy on them!

Psalms 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

Source: REPENT o’ ye Vaxxed – Ruth Smith

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