Children the lies and deception continue to blind many from the truth. The rich and powerful have total control of your news media while the authorities continue their campaign to brainwash the multitudes. As it was in the past so it is again. The evil and wicked rule the nations . The devil roams the earth seeking whom he may devour. Do not be blindsided by coming events. Seek me now this is a dark hour for mankind. The tyrants pursue the final solution. Guard your eyes and ears from the coming atrocities. Choose your associates carefully as the enemy is working diligently to infiltrate every house. Remember your enemies will be those in your own house. You will be betrayed by friends and family. If is written it will happen. I have called and chosen a remnant. My children, my obedient jewels. You will be called on to act as I give you instructions. Repent and humble yourself ,time waits for no man .

Source: The tyrants pursue the final solution –

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