It’s just the truth of the matter; we live in a fallen world and in a corrupt flesh. Everyone who says they are a believer isn’t healed and whole in every area so their lack of being made whole in certain areas manifests in different ways.

Don’t stop obeying God because of how they may feel about you.

Now this does not mean that you don’t seek Godly counsel or listen to and honor your parents or your spiritual leaders.

Let every word be established by two or three witnesses. If you’re just doing whatever you want without ever heeding any wise counsel, then you’re in dangerous territory.

Be wise and be Spirit led, but don’t be bound!

I can now say with a holy boldness that I am not sitting back in that people pleasing mindset anymore. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that is okay. The wildflower in a field of roses.

Just be you and know you live and serve an audience of One! Fear not their faces, just be you and move to deeper territory with your King!

Dare to be different in a world full of ordinary!

Continue reading @ Source: Dare to Be Different by Dana Jarvis

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