I will take you to the next level. In My will there is no room for error. My children are free to serve Me, but I require their very best at all times. I can only show you the way if you are willing. Make room in your hearts for the living God. Take no thought for yesterday; you will never know the way without Me. This is My will for you: to bear fruit and multiply exceedingly above and beyond whatever you would ask for.

Changes are coming for the body of Christ. Each will have his own share of the spoil. The enemy wants you to know that you cannot have peace, but I will give it to you in abundance. This is how you will receive the victory: in peace.

I am going to take many of you to the next level. Be ready for anything. Break away from the world of sin and death. Be free from the devil’s will. Every time you go deeper with Me, I will bless you.

Source: Peace and Changes for the Body of Christ – Immanuel Acree

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