PRAYER for those in Canada and around the world who are standing up for what is right and good, true and benevolent, this day and in days to come. Keep them protected and guard their steps. Strengthen and encourage them to remain steadfast in their stand against the tyranny of our governments and authorities. Bless your people in the midst of these great crowds of people to be the light that brings hope AND WORD of ENCOURAGEMENT FROM OUR LORD- Margaret Blake, 2/5/22

Posted: February 6, 2022 in 2022: Overcomers love Jesus, follow God, hear Holy Spirit to Victory, God's Word (Biblical Scripture) is ALIVE! Jesus is The Word made flesh., JESUS is your LIFEBOAT! Run to Him for safety!, Lion of Judah Arising...Remnant Be Ready!, LOVE is GOD; GOD is LOVE in the universe, Nation's mentioned by name in prophecy: Valley of Decision, Supernatural Manifestations of God: End Time Warriors

Source: PRAYER AND WORD – Margaret Blake

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