Write. My people follow me based on choice. Those are my disciples that wash their hands and ask what have I done today that you didn’t ask of me. Pray, repent, and seek me daily. Wash my feet as I washed yours. Prepare to die for me. This is the season of truly living. Try me. Test my flame. A holy fire. A sanctified name, Jesus Christ – the Holy Lord of all Creation. Come to my pasture and eat. I call you my sheep for that is how you know (it’s) me. Let’s begin. I was like one of you. I did this: I sent my Son to die for you a new creation, a Holy feat.

Fight or flight? Wrong! Fight or perish. There is nowhere to run from a Holy God. My anger burns like fire, pouring out my wrath upon the unrepentant sinners. Why ask to be forgiven if you fail to turn from sin? I’ve given you all choices. Now it’s mine to repay. Don’t burn on my altar if you’re not willing to die. Impurities remain. A stench in my nostrils, not a worthy, holy prayer. Die to self, I’ll pay for all your needs. I paid the price for your redemption, never to sin again and you ask me for things. You need to see your sin clearly for what it is, not gazing at devices and abominations. Those I love are all around you! Look up and love! Love me in your heart. Choose to want to know me better and I will speak to you, even face to face. There’s no greater price to pay. Rejoice for the reward for righteousness in the Kingdom of Heaven is great! Now, look up to me with wise and humble words, in prayer. Remember: I am your Creator. Don’t come to me with a problem already solved; I know where to find you. You need to come to me with the issue and allow me to bless you. I have gifts in store, places to take you you haven’t even seen and you can’t even begin to describe. You cannot pray these prayers unless you invite in God to do the impossible. Life is so much brighter without carrying around the weight and darkness of your sins. Try running a race with the burden on – the door of the Ark is closing. You will not make it like this. The condition of men’s hearts house great and grievous sins: like lust, TV, pornography.

(Continue reading @ Source: NO MORE SINS; THEY’RE ALL FORGIVEN – Jezreel

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