I called them they would not hear me. I said, “Return to me.” They continued without me. They refused to repent from their evil ways they love darkness. Look about, I have left them to their own desires. You see evil rampant through the nations. Reprobate minds and debauchery. Many have invited demons into their life. You see mass thefts, mass shooting, child abuse, child rape, incest and child murder. Because they have not been caught and arrested for their sins, they continue in them. I see fornication and pornography as a stronghold. Evil has infiltrated the family. A place of safety is now a place of terror. I see Satan worship and worship of other Gods accepted and condoned. I left man to his own lusts and addictions. I see a nation of drug addicts and drug dependent abusers. I see children abandoned by their parents and children living in squalor. I see children murdered in the womb. I see young adults following the same path as their unbelieving parents. NO REPENTANCE. NO REMORSE. NO EMPATHY. This is my case against the people and nations of earth and man. This is the reason JUDGMENT with fire is the sentence. Do you understand? Are you prepared? I will not be mocked.

Source: This is my case against the people and nations of earth – Barbara Francis

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