Sinners don’t respect God; sin is all they think about.

Posted: July 31, 2015 in God's Love Letters to you - The BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)

King David wrote centuries ago in Psalm 36:1 that “Sinners don’t respect God; sin is all they think about.

Why would any thinking person not choose the God of the universe? He answers in verse 2: “They like themselves too much to hate their own sins or even to see them.”

“They tell deceitful lies, and they don’t have the sense to live right. Those people stay awake, thinking up mischief, and they follow the wrong road, refusing to turn fro sin.” (Ps. 36:3-4), Many centuries later, Peter, who walked personally with Jesus the Messiah, writes also about this path: “They have left he true road and have gone down the wrong path…”  How?             “…by following he example of the prophet Balaam. He…loved what he got from being a crook.” (2 Peter 2:15)

Ironically, people who do not trust and believe are described as arrogant and disrespectful (from God’s point of view — and who else’s point-of-view really matters in the end?)…believing themselves to be “good enough” by their own estimates, or godlike or becoming as God. Adam and Eve were lured away from a perfect relationship with their Creator by the lying serpent Lucifer who had them doubt God and his promises to them. They exchanged the lie about God for the truth and set the rest of us into having to choose whom we would follow.

Choose God today. You will receive His free gift of the Holy Spirit and never be lonely or abandoned. You will be His beloved child…saved by His grace…and not by any method you may have thought up for yourself. Peace of mind about your salvation is free before you take your last breath…but then you will have chosen through procrastination, stubbornness and pride. Be wise and join God’s “team” for eternity.


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