If you want life-giving water, come and take it. It’s free!

Posted: July 30, 2015 in God's Love Letters to you - The BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)

In the last book of the Bible, which is Jesus Christ’s revelation for His church of what is to come, He makes this astounding salvation offer: “I am Jesus! And I am the one who sent my angel to tell all of you these things for the churches… If you are thirsty, come! If you want life-giving water, come and take it. It’s free! (Rev. 22:16-17) Sadly, free things are not always the most valued. There is a perception that expensive rewards and earthly riches are the best. God gracefully offers to “bless all who have washed their robes (become acceptable through Christ’s atonement at the cross). They will each have the right to eat fruit from the tree that gives life, and they can enter the gates of the city.” (Rev. 22: 14)

There is a guarded entrance to Heaven. Your access pass will be faith in God’s only son.

Interestingly, the book of Revelation is the only one that offers a reward available just for reading it! “God will bless everyone who reads this prophecy to others, and he will bless everyone who hears an obeys it. The time is almost here.” (Rev. 1:3) Incredible, right? Of course, God’s version of “almost here” is not ours. The redeemed church has been waiting for Christ’s return for nearly 2,000 years. God speaks from the mind of eternity — forever — so a couple of thousand years do seem soon for everyone to hear and respond to the wonderful gift of salvation for all time through God’s son. “…Jesus was the first to conquer death, and he is the ruler of all earthly kings. Christ loves us, and by his blood he set us free from our sins.” (Revelation 1:5)  Come join me in heaven and tell me you read this blog. We’ll have eternity to get to know each other!


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