God warns through his chosen prophets before judgement

Posted: August 23, 2015 in Prophetic Dreams

Growing up, I remember a simple prayer before meals. “God is gracious; God is good…so we thank him for this food.” God IS gracious. Throughout the Bible’s Old Testament, He sends warnings to errant individuals, people groups and nations to change from sinful behavior and turn back to Him before risking a final judgement for pride and idol worship. God is love. God is patience. God is all the fruits of the Spirit. But, He is also righteous. He leads an ordered system where sin must have a consequence. Unbelief becomes a choice. Not choosing Jesus before your final breath becomes a choice. God is constantly trying to get your attention in a noisy, choice-filled planet of glittering worldliness. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. So what was true in ancient times is still true today.

God chooses His prophets. You cannot choose yourself. He sends prophetic dreams or speaks directly and audibly as warnings still today. The modern-day prophet must then pray over the knowledge given through Holy Spirit. Should the message be kept private? Should it be offered up to the general population as a warning? Prophetic messages are not for personal gain, but are to help people turn back to God, repent, return from a path that strays or be warned ahead of time of events that will come upon certain cities, countries or people. A prophet is to tell directly what he or she has been given from God — whether that message will be well received or popular. In most cases of the Old Testament prophets, the people did not want to hear the truth. Being a prophet can be lonely as you stand for God before mankind — regardless of consequence.

How does one know the message is from God? Prophetic dreams, for me at least, are different than the ones that disappear shortly after waking.  Years later, they are still clear because they were truth. Also, I am given knowledge I did not have before or had never thought of. Jeremiah the prophet records these words of God almighty: “…But when prophets speak for me, they must say only what I have told them. My words are a powerful fire; they are a hammer that shatters rocks.” (Jer. 23: 28-29). I will share examples of prophetic words from years past in future posts.

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