Prophetic Warning for a Middle Eastern Country

Posted: August 28, 2015 in Prophetic Dreams

I had this prophetic warning dream on August 13, 2011 while napping at my parents’ house in their cooler spare bedroom during a heat wave:

I am flying through the air with Holy Spirit by my side so I do not need a plane, just suspended in the sky. It has tall, new, impressive manmade skyscrapers against a clear blue sky, but is also “deserty,” dry and on the shore of an ocean at the same time. I ask God’s Spirit, “Where are we?” as I don’t recognize it. The immediate answer: “Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.”

“Oh….right,” I think. “Why are you showing me this place?” becomes my next question.

Response: “This city is proud of all its manmade accomplishments, but they have left ME out. I am planning to bring judgment against them through water or earth  shaking.”

Then I am driving a car, but an Arab in traditional dress is headed straight for me in another vehicle even though I’m waiting at a red light. I brace for the collision but he stops his vehicle a hair off of mine and grins at me mockingly. Then he lifts his shoulder and looks above me and uses his head to indicate I should get going. It’s a green light. So I drive around him, over the Dubai bridge…and wake up.

I never have been sure what to do with this warning — as it is for an entire country. But…I don’t want to face God some day and tell him I was not faithful in delivering his message. How you take it is up to you. My sincere prayer is that someone, somewhere will turn towards God and be saved. If an entire nation turned to him, heaven’s angels would rejoice…and we could all praise our merciful God who does nothing before sending warnings through his prophets, as he has done from ancient times.

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