“A New Chapter Begins…” – Fresh Oil Releases

On the evening of the 1st June 2021, the Lord instructed me to sit with Him and record what He wanted to say. Of course, I did as He asked. What an honor to be His scribe! I am releasing the audio version first, simply because it was quick and easy to produce – and will post the transcript below asap.


A New Chapter is here ~ Transcript

I want to share with you a conversation that I had with the Lord last night, well, it was mostly Him talking and me recording, and I’m going to read it from my journal. And so this was the evening of the 1st of June, 2021. And the Lord said this. “Now, this is a new chapter, not a pleasant chapter if you are on the wrong side of the fence, but an exciting time for those who have set themselves apart from Babylon. I will do mighty works through those fully surrendered to me both in the streets and even in their own homes — that place where they are without honor. No doubt will be left in the minds of those who have scorned you that you are mine. They will see My glory light upon you and know that they are in darkness, and some will cry out to be saved, while others will curse you as they go to their graves. But they will know that you have chosen well and that My favor is upon you. It will be a time of extremes – great joy over one sinner who repents and great sorrow as others choose to love the darkness and reap the reward of their choices. Great extremes in the weather will be commonplace. Snow will fall in places where bananas once grew, and elsewhere, blankets of heat will dehydrate those unused to such temperatures. Seasons will run into each other until the old order of things is no more and the plants will languish without my design of summer and winter. Crops will fail and animals will die of thirst and great lack will be the order of the day. But My own will lack no good thing. I fed Elijah and I will feed you, only keep your eyes on Me, seek first My kingdom and be about My business. And do not let your minds stray into worry over what you will eat. Am I not a good Father and do I not have storehouses to meet the needs of My Beloved? Miracles of multiplication will be commonplace amongst the gathered remnant and I will post angels at your gates. Do not be afraid. The might of Heaven is well able to deal with the dark lords upon the Earth, only be steadfast in prayer and keep your hearts free of murmuring and strife. The wise man enters not into contention in these days, rather choose to be misunderstood, then spend your energy defending your good reputation – let them think what they will. It is my view of you that matters, and we have much to do in these days of chaos. The order and the peace of Heaven will rule within you as you continue to trust Me in all circumstances. Now, I have prepared all you need to fulfil what I call you to do. Provision may not be evident to your natural eyes right now, but it will be unveiled in due season and you will be comforted knowing I have sent my angels ahead of you to prepare the way.

It will not be easy for those who choose the idol of their own counsel in these days. The mind of man is becoming progressively darkened and the enemy is hard at work, harnessing man-power for his nefarious schemes. Choose wisely each day whom you spend time with and what you discuss. Much idle chatter leads to mental poverty. Choose rather to meditate upon My word and be found in the fellowship of wise Saints; those who have understanding of the times and lean not upon their own intellect. All who trust in men will come to harm in the days ahead. But he who puts his trust in me and is willing to lose his life for My sake, will find himself sheltered by My wing and defended by My outstretched arm. Remember this – there is nothing I cannot do, and the places where the light-bearers gather will be known for unusual miracles. Great grace will be the hallmark of My faithful ones, a tangible atmosphere of heaven in their midst. And I will glorify My Name in these days of dense darkness.

 There will be great light and there will be great darkness. And I will remove the insincere from your midst. The partially committed will find themselves on sinking sand, and for many, the final chance to choose rightly will be their portion.”

 As He said this, I saw a hand reaching down from above towards a person sinking in the waves. Their arms were full of possessions and they were struggling to keep themselves afloat. And all they had to do to be lifted out of the stormy waters was to let go of that which is temporal and grasp the hand offered them from above. I saw a great struggle on the face of this person as they thought of the great loss in letting go of all they clung to. And as they struggled, the weight of those useless things began to drag them below the surface of the waves. The hand reaching out remained constant and still, until the person disappeared from sight. And then it disappeared…

 And the Lord spoke, “Do you see? Those who wish to preserve the status quo will try to keep their comfort levels and their lifestyles in vain. All they consider indispensable will be that which drags them under in the days ahead. Life does not consist in the multitude of things you possess. What power have they to give you one breath? Yet men will fight and even kill each other to possess what others have in these days. All these things will prove worthless in the day of trial that is coming upon the whole earth.

 Mighty is My name and mighty is the Army I raise up to march under My name in this hour – not mighty in numbers, but full of My spirit and fearless in the face of the enemy. These are the tried ones; those put to the test and found worthy, those without dross and without guile, seeking only My glory – those hungry for My presence and My voice. This is a fitting place for the King of glory to dwell in!

 We will work as one – you and I. Great exploits for the kingdom will be accomplished. So do not grow weary in your preparations! Pressure and hardship are forging a new strength to stand and strength to endure. Do not grow faint as you see the darkness rising. Now is the time to stand tall and lift your head. Did I not say “It is finished” and did I not make a public spectacle of Satan as I triumphed over the power of death? And so it shall be again. The matter is already settled. He has but a short time before I come and bring all things together under my headship. Don’t let your heart be troubled and neither let it be afraid for the dominion and the power and the glory are Mine – always have been, always will be. So until I come, stand, Beloved! Be strong in the power of My might. I have provided it for you for this very hour.”

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