I see Doors, many, many Doors. All shapes and sizes, all colours and shades.

It’s like I’m walking down corridor after corridor, and all I see are Doors.

I open one — I see a peaceful coastal scene. Another reveals a Church bursting with people. Yet another shows me an airport, planes standing waiting for passengers. So it goes on and on.

What am I looking at LORD? Are these Doors for me or who are these Doors for, please?

“I AM opening Doors for all of My Children, even including you!” He replied with a smile.

“Doors of breakthrough. Doors of opportunity. Doors in answer to prayer, and doors in fulfillment of Prophecy!

I AM making a way in the wilderness!” says The LORD, “a way where many thought there is no way. A miraculous way for many, and the natural next step for others.

I AM the God of suddenlies; of surprises. Tell My People to expect surprise open doors. Tell them to expect sudden breakthroughs.

Tell them to be ready to grasp My God-given opportunities as some doors will only be open for a short while.

This is the season of breakthrough and I have anointed those to carry a breakthrough mandate and take it to the church and to My People!” declares The LORD.

“Be ready. Show willing, and I will answer with fire and power!”

Source: New Doors ~by Chris G. Bennett

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