The word was given on June 3, 2022 at 11:23 PM.

“Write these words, My daughter, My beloved daughter. Write, write for your soon-coming King. When, when have My people listened to their GOD? Putting forth messages as in this hour? Listen, listen, all the earth; your CREATOR SPEAKS!!!

(Note: When the LORD said the word “speaks”, it was not an angry sound, but the word was powerful and held out for a long time)

Hold on, people of earth, your time has ended. Your contract has been repealed in the Courts of Heaven. Your contract time is finished; the lien is due. I will require collection. Do not suppose that I will give way to the enemy’s plans that he has devised for your earth when I come and gather My people unto Myself. My plans are the only plans ever allowed to succeed. Patience, My people, patience. For you will see in due season why My hands have worked what I have worked and also why I have allowed My enemy what appears to be liberties and what are viewed as successes. He will have a time, a brief and quickly fleeting tumultuous time where he is allowed to rule, but only according to MY rules. His ‘rulership’, it will be subject to disasters so catastrophic that the joy of ruling a kingdom, even a wicked one, will be nonexistent and his purposes effectively thwarted. Oh yes, I know his every plan and evil tactic. Do Not think I have no counter-plans and traps laid in his pathway. I will frustrate him and his servants at every turn. I will use his wicked plans to bring about My ultimate purposes. People of the world, your GOD, your only GOD is still on His throne and forever will be.”

Source: YOUR TIME HAS ENDED – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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