There is a Quickening and an Awakening and a Realization, striking the atmosphere of darkness like flashes of lightning all across the land, and compelling the Called Out Ones who are being prepared and aligned, to heed the call, to Rise Up with Renewed Strength!

For even in the darkness, The LORD has carried some on wings of Eagles to a place of refreshing and restructuring their Vision for such a time as this.

This set-apart time of preparation, has also been a time of drawing the prodigals to come home.

“I AM preparing the hearts of My Disciples to carry the banner of Love outside the four walls of The Church, to the highways and byways for all the world to hear the good news, ‘Jesus is LORD’,” says The LORD, “for I AM changing the tempo to include the sound of the trumpet that is sending the message: ‘God can be God all by Himself but He needs you and He loves you.’

The Bridegroom is whispering in the ear of the Bride, whose heart is tuned into heaven.

Beloved one, never ever forget that as you march to My Drumbeat, you are a carrier of My Heart. My Cadence is steady, sure and it is stamping out victory.

My Hand is gathering, My Heart is Healing and My Arms are open wide. The sound shall ring out as many waters across the land and the tempo is becoming a deeper rhythm as it cleanses and purifies.

Just as I have told you before, this Song of Songs, carries the clarity of Unconditional Love, and it shall rise to the top of the ‘Hit Parade’ chats of Heaven, because it shall serve as a pronouncement of one nation indivisible with liberty, and justice for all.

My Liberty shall ring the freedom bell throughout the land, and My Justice shall balance the scales and serve as a plumb-line that divides the hearts of those who send fear, and cause flight all across the world to manipulate and control,” says the Just Judge.

“The world has staged their parade, and they are parading with loud voices sounds of rebellion, to demand the right to murder unborn babies, and their true colors of divide and conquer are flying high in response to the overturning of Roe vs Wade.”

“But I say to you,” says the Father, “I AM sending out an invitation to join a parade that is marching with The Banner of Love and Unity flying high, for I AM The Life Giver and I AM fitting together the ones who are both willing and obedient to ‘March to the Tune of a Different Drummer’, as I step up the tempo of Wisdom, Power, and Love to demonstrate what the binding together of heart and soul and the multiplication of Unity, can produce.”

It seems I have written a great deal in the past about “Marching to the Tune of a Different Drummer,” but to those who are marching forward with The LORD, there are many aspects of how that sounds and what makes it urgent to ‘fine tune’ your hearing to His Voice, and crash the chatterboxes screaming for your attention.

I am still hearing the sound of the drummer calling us to a place of prayer for a birthing of vision.

Many will experience a process of re-birthing, while some will be refreshed, to be fitly joined together in this great moment of shifting and shaking.

Along with all of these things, be ready to adjust as many shall be re-positioned and recommissioned.

“The shift that took place at the end of The Bridal Month, moving forward into the 7th Month, has caused a mighty Wind of Change that has set the bar high for a heart change, in order to fulfill the commitment needed in the hearts of My Remnant Bride, as I take away all the props.

Yes, The Winds of Change have brought you to this moment, and I am releasing to you what will be remembered as a Second Wind, to carry you forward.

As you breathe in My Breath of life afresh,” says The Life Giver, “you shall be filled with Courage and renewed Commitment, and as you exhale, all fear shall go!”

Acceleration is upon us, even as we move forward into some uncharted Territory with a steady tempo.

“It is the now time to receive the revelation of Value. In order to properly understand commitment, you muse receive the ability to understand your own heart.

So, I challenge each one to ask Me to show them their heart, each day, that they may carry out My Orders with true commitment.

It is very important to understand, you cannot put a price tag on the Value you have for others, because of the Value I placed on you,” says The LORD of all.

“This is not the time to dwell on yesterday, or look back with deep regret. It is not the time to dwell on and question why, but it is the time of unquestionable willing obedience.

It is the time to be astonished by the New Sound, the quick tempo of “Jesus loves me and I surrender all,”” says The Father.

“I AM sending a Holy Wind to release a powerful surge of Confidence to enable the faint of heart for the fullness of time is at hand.

You shall march together in step, to the Cadence of My Heart, as you move forward with the High Praises of God in your mouth and the two-edged sword in your hand!”

Source: The LORD Is Changing the Tempo ~by Sandi Holman

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