WARNING: Every day is one step closer to your physical and eternal demise, if you took the series of vaccines and have not REPENTED. Oh, but you say “What do I have to REPENT for?” Child you have taken the DNA of the snake king, into your body. You are no longer My Child, but his! Do Not Doubt This Fact!

Those that refuse to REPENT of destroying their cellular allegiance and spiritual connection with their Creator Father God The Almighty and do not live to the Warning Experience/Illumination of Conscience, (their last opportunity to REPENT) but pass before it, must surely go straight to Hell. WAKE-UP NOW!

You Are Not Guaranteed Tomorrow Child!

But you say “I didn’t know!” Nothing happens by chance Child! You have made many choices and decisions, by thoughts, words, actions, looks and or gestures in your life, that placed you outside My Sheepfold. These brought you to a place where the snake king and the evil minions who run your states, countries and this world have tricked, pressured and forced you into accepting their agenda of a cull of humanity and in the meantime turn you into Slave Zombies who have abandoned their true patrimony, for one formed in Hell; this for a second time!

This replicates (the same plan) what was prevalent on the earth, just before The Flood. I AM will cleanse the world this time by Fire! Very Soon! Your God wishes no man, woman or child (above the age of reason) to be lost, to the evil one!

Many of you made this terminal decision because you were in a place to accept the murderous intent, with your eyes open. Your decision to take the Vaccines did not happen by chances, peer pressure, fear & anxiety over a so-called Plague.

You human beings have no idea how sorrowful it is going to get in the near future! It will make WWII, Vietnam and the wars in the Middle East look like a picnic! It Is Not My Desire to Do This You Have Wanted It Yourselves By so much SIN!

Oh, but you say, “I have a job, mouths to feed, bills to pay.” If you had the faith, the size of a mustard seed, you would know, believe, trust the Eternal Father will never abandon His Children. I AM can turn stones into bread and multiply loaves & fishes to feed thousands. Read My Word! I AM can turn stones into gold & silver, the monetary system I AM originally designed for My Children. It was abrogated fifty years ago, but will shortly return by My Hand! Wake Up Now!

Get into The Word. Forget your fears, turn off the Media (All lies about to be destroyed by My Hand.), your government & corporate elites and health care institutions (All about to hide in the rocks & caves and call on the mountains to fall on them.) And Trust Me, Your Creator Father God!

You who have taken the vaccines and boosters, are not even aware how you have changed physically, over the months. You disavow the death by statistics. You close your eyes to the damage done to your own bodies.

None of these satanic instruments have made you more healthy or beautiful. They are morphing you into a Hard-Wired (For your blood is not even liquefied anymore!) Machine! Some of you even relish this AI interface, of near future cell phone & computers, inside your body!

I AM Will Not Tolerate Any Hybrids Or Trans-humans, Transgenders, Super-soldiers Or Mutations Into My Kingdom! GET OVER IT! Science Fiction Has Become Science Fact! But is all evil incarnate and will be destroyed off the face of the earth, by My Hand, by Fire, Very Soon!

My Anger with your Rebellion has increased daily to a point, where you will suffer the results of your rejection of Nature, The Decalogue & your Eternal Heavenly Father, in one of the three levels of Hell, forever, if you Do Not REPENT NOW!



Note: Reading all these things is a nothing to many. They will scoff, dismiss, forget, laugh if off. God gave me a tiny slice of His Sorrow when I was finished writing this. I cried like a baby, (Have had so much of my own sins, sorrow, satanic attacks and hate directed at me, I never cry anymore maybe a tear but that is it.) in fact I wailed until it trailed off in exhaustion. No one can fathom the depth we are headed for. Not the saved but the reprobates, but even the saved will be devastated at what we see, Read Psalm 91 every day and pray/ponder the future.

Source: Message: ALL VAXED UP & READY TO GO! – Pollox

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