“Hear My Voice, for I AM constantly speaking to you!” says The LORD.

“I will Shepherd you. I will keep you and provide for you night and day. I never sleep so that you can rest confidently in Me.

“I will not allow the enemy to invade you as you rest in Me, for I give My beloved sleep. Rest assured! I AM unchanging, and watching over you meticulously all the time.

“The enemy cannot get past Me to get to you. I Am your covering and will blanket you with My comfort and give you abiding peace.

“You do not have to fret about the future that is uncertain to you as you trust Me. It is never uncertain to Me. I have you as well as all your future in My Hands,” says The LORD.

“I created you for a purpose that cannot be altered or bypassed,” says The LORD.

“I AM with you to see to it that you arrive safely to your full purpose in Me. I will create and make all things new and that includes you.

“I AM doing a new work in you. I AM making you new. I AM giving you new assignments and alignments and equipping you with new things that will prepare you for the place that I have for you.

“You will not be the same, for new is new. You will be ready, for it is my workmanship in you that does all things with you and for you and prepares the place ahead.

“I will perfect what concerns you, for I AM your God and do all things well. I began the good work in you, and I will finish it, perfect it, and nothing will be overlooked or undone.

“Come out of obscurity, and come up higher in Me as you take My hand and move forward in Me as I lead you into the new and unveil the plan and purpose that I have only given you a glimpse of before.

“Your vision will align with Mine as you will have the corrected lenses I provide and be able to see far beyond what you had seen before and are positioned to possess The Promised Land that awaits you,” says The LORD.

Source: Hear The LORD’s Voice! ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

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