I saw this post from Canadian prophet Barry Wunsch the other day, and it tied into what God was brewing in my spirit for some time.

(See Wunsch’s March 28th 2023 post, prophetic dream encounter, The Great Awakening is Upon Us, on The Elijah List.)

I know full well (from years of experiences), what it feels like to discern, perceive and hear something from The LORD — and it being rejected — or not understood, because an event had not happened yet.

Because it didn’t come to pass in 3, 6, 9 months time, human reasoning tends to question, was this really God?

The Word gives clear directions how to test a Prophetic Word, and how to test the character and spiritual maturity of the one delivering it. It’s a good study to do, to get Wisdom.

My goodness — the Old Testament prophets prophesied things that took years, decades, even centuries to be fulfilled.

Continue reading @ Source: The Finger and Hand of God: This is His Time! ~by Elizabeth Cassutto

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